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The Beautiful Life Collective is a vivacious community of amazing women. Together, we cultivate a visionary practice of social justice, one that is founded upon our commitment to self-care. Our dynamic community provides contagious inspiration, heart-centered support, extremely effective accountability, and the precious opportunity to invest in your most important asset: your ability to care for yourself, other people and the world as a whole.

I really prefer to learn through reading and listening, so the online resources have been great. I also like the monthly rhythm and how the themes help give my months some shape and ritual. I’ve been surprised to realize how helpful the discussion group is. I generally shy away from posting and responding in forums, or talking in calls, but I've been surprised at how dang useful it is for my learning when I do.This makes me feel grateful to all the people in the community who engage and offer me opportunities to learn, and it makes me want to help reciprocate. Honestly, I think that taking the risk of paying something--actually investing some money and time in care work--has been important for me. - Aubrey, BLC Member

The benefits of this self-care work are a structured time and place to build yourself, reading the self care and self help books that matter and creating routines that focus and support you. You learn that you can create the success that you want for yourself and are supported through and through. - Saahir, BLC Member

While most of work together is shared online--and can be joined from any location--we come together for profoundly wonderful in-person retreats a few times a year.

You can join the Beautiful Life Collective for as little as one month and stay in the community for as long as you like. (Yearly memberships are also available for a discounted rate!) In order to keep the boundaries of our community work together, membership is only open to the public a few times a year. Sign up for the waitlist below and we’ll let you know when you can join!

I think it’s easy to go through life on cruise control and get so busy that weeks and months pass without checking in with yourself. For me, the fruitfulness of this work is the reminder to take a pause and be part of a collective discussion about my self-care so it can help me be who I want to be. This space is so rare and so helpful! - Nicole, BLC Member

By doing this kind of self-care work, you will learn or deepen your understanding of self-care practices that you will use throughout your entire life. You will have the chance to join in community with an inspiring group of women and have a non-judgmental circle of support. You will have access to all kinds of self-care resources - books, blog posts, podcasts, meditation practices - and a chance to delve into some topics that you might not be comfortable discussing with your family/partner/friends. Finally, you'll get to go on a retreat with great people and food. - Julianna, BLC Member