A sleepy little Florida town just got more interesting...


My mom with Stephen in the Florida swamps.

...because my mom lives there now. And it looks like she is going to stay--her and her boyfriend Stephen just got engaged!

For those of you who don't know this story, I accidentally set my mom up with Stephen. He was on a trip I took down to the Peruvian amazon last September. He has such a big heart and adventurous spirit that I started to think him and my mom would get along--even if they just were traveling partners. He claims that at some point on this trip I leaned over and told him that he should marry my mom, but I think he misheard me over the boat's motor--that seems a little forward to say when you barely know somebody (alright, being the impulsive person that I am, maybe I would say this--its honestly fuzzy in my mind).

Anyway, my mom was living in China at the time after taking a year to travel and soul-search. They became email pen-pals and when she moved back to the States at the end of the year, he came up to DC to visit and see if there were any sparks. In my mom's words, they "really hit it off," and she decided to move down there in February to see what would happen and since then, a lot has happpened.

Ain't life just interesting sometimes, even when you live in a town called Palatka, FL?