Gloria's Sandals


This is a picture from a batch of photographs that I thought I lost in the transition from Peru. I was thinking that 300 photographs were really lost and so frustrated and making bargains with God. Then I found them burned onto a CD I thought I had already I guess I have a big week of meditation ahead of me. Whateves, I'm happy.

That was only part of a good weekend. I also saw Middle Distance Runner (hot in more than one way) at Rock 'n Roll Hotel with people I've known long and well, photographed a few dogs while attending my first dog birthday party in Alexandria (full of very social characters), and had a sweet little brunch this morning in Eastern Market and my first cup of coffee since coming back to DC (heavenly).

I also didn't attend a party at my own house. It was a big one with a DJ and many people and I wasn't feeling it (I'm finally admitting that I don't like being a hostess with a ton of people in my house), so I went to MDR and spent the night at my brother's apartment. It was so liberating to wake up in the morning and feel good instead of hungover. I'm digging this honesty thing.