I love these ladies.


the blessed self-shot: lara, moi, and emily.

lara and i arranged this ourselves when we were ravenous after yoga.

I just spent the week near Williamsburg with my best friends Emily and Lara at her parents beautiful turquoise home. We made our own little budget spa vacation with daily outings to do hot yoga and visit nearby thriftstores (I found such good used books at one of them--I picked up a copy of The Green Pharmacy for $1.99, which I'd been wanting for a while). We also found out that while we may not be the greatest cooks, we can arrange a killer array of snack foods and salads.

We've been friends for over 15 years (along with our friends Ricki and Julie) when we decided around sophomore year that we liked each other more than anyone else in our high school. We are always living in different places and are all so different in what we like to do, but there is something so real and familiar about them and when we come together once or twice a year, it's such a treat. I can go on and on talking about how crazy beautiful and amazing these women are and how I feel better about our world when I spend time with them, but lets just leave it by saying: oh my, I laughed so much this week and my heart felt wide-open big.

ps--lara is selling these beautiful, handmade skirts made from recycled saris. she's wearing one in the above photography. i love mine (its green and pink) and think you will too. let me know if you are interested.