Daniel & Aga's Wedding


These are pictures from Daniel and Aga's wedding at the Iwa Jima Memorial. Everyone was really nice and the day was a lot of fun (fyi--that wedding cake was made by the groom's mom and it was so good).

My life has been pure yoga these past two weeks. It's hard but its good and I can feel myself getting a lot stronger on a few different levels. The harder the pose, the more negativity comes up during it and I have the opportunity to watch it all pass through my mind. It comes, it goes, and somehow I remain the same. Our instructor Chrissy tells us to practice with equanimity, with no expectation for results. I try to remember this when I can't kick up into a headstand for the 10th time. But its true. I practice because I love yoga, even when I don't love it. It teaches me about life on a deeper level--the places where I thrive and the places I flail about like a snot-faced 5 year-old. It helps me to have compassion for myself and keep my cool where I would normally react. These things are all subtle but they're important, so I don't really mind giving my whole life over to it for a month.

PS--I know I'm the last person to be finding this album, but I really love Animal Collective's latest, Merriweather Post Pavillion.