I just revisited this piece that my friend Ryan, the director of "Spirit Songs," made from his first journey to the jungle. He's such a great filmmaker and I got inspired again watching. I just got the trailer in the mail from the footage of our expedition to the Amazon last April and it's so exciting. Right now my life is just a matter of balancing my passions and I think when I get back from Israel it's time to put some major love and attention on this documentary. It's so important that the beauty of this region begin to reach us all so we can see why we need to preserve the lungs of our world. So tomorrow I am off to Chicago and then I leave for Israel on Monday. Aaaah! I'm so excited. People keep asking me why I am going and I don't really have a great answer. A whim? I'm following my intuition? I want to see Bethlehem and float in the Dead Sea? Time to draw in my journal? Yes yes yes and yes and maybe taking a vacation while I am at it. And it's coming to together. A week ago I had no idea what I was going to do, but I bought a lonely planet and started talking to people and now I have my two weeks pretty much mapped out. And now, through friends of friends and couchsurfing (awesome idea) I have places to stay everywhere I want to go. Of course I'm leaving a window open for inspiration but I just have this feeling like it's going to be such an amazing trip. I'll have stories and so many photographs when I get back.

See you in two weeks! So much love to everyone <3