Dreams are Awesome.

This book is the most important thing I've read in a while. it made me cry for all the people out there who have forgotten how to dream or that only dream of furniture and breakfast sandwiches (me included most days). I forget sometimes how important my personal dreams are for the larger whole. What would the world be like if we could never imagine anything better, more exciting, more daring? At a time when so many of my dreams are coming true--just because I went out there and tried it--I want to say that you don't have to be good or the hardest working person to make exciting things happen in your life. You just have to have a healthy respect for what you care about and faith that maybe it can happen. I think it really could be that simple but we are so good at keeping ourselves distracted that most of us have forgotten and then we wonder why we are so grumpy most of the time. and then we take a vacation or let ourselves play a little and suddenly life feels so much better. its a cycle--know, forget, remember and I think each time we remember, our powers get a little stronger and our faith a little bigger. Here's to dancing wild animals with diamond coated wings for helping us all to remember more often.