day one: going acro

i am so into acroyoga right now. i learned a bit through my friend rebecca about a year ago and ever since then i've been breaking it out as a party trick, which everyone gets really into. but i've been wanting to learn more so recently i started taking classes. it's a really good work out (think handstands and core work) but at the end of class we partner off and start flying for which there are no words. it makes me feel incredible strong and playful and i leave feeling giddy--about how much fun i've just had and really about the places yoga can take us. i'm so glad that i got certified in yogaworks because its so smart and safe. it's given me a really firm foundation in the history of yoga and now its fun to see where else it can go. i think yoga is just like anything else and it can't stay still no matter how hard it tries to be pure. it will keep evolving because the people who are learning it will always thirst for more. in the end, if there ever is an end, we will have just kept creating something really unique and wonderful and hopefully gotten our handstand down in the process.