new and improved!


this picture makes me think of miami vice

thank you to everyone who has been shouting out lately and telling me that they dig the lovers manifesto. i really love it too but i've been so busy photographing dogs and teaching cat/cow pose that i haven't posted as much as i've wanted to. it's sort of how the people you love the most tend to be neglected when you have taken on too much~because you know in your heart that they will sustain your absence.

but i have been writing delicious posts in my head of all the things i've done and seen in these past weeks that i want to share with you. they involve traveling and weddings and acroyoga and dogs that paint and so many other sweet things. my birthday gift to you all is a posting a day for the next week. they may be short and sweet but there will be 7 in 7 days just cuz i love you all so much and i need to spend more time talking about that.