take a tour.


it's the night before christmas eve and dc is quiet. other than teaching yoga and hanging out with my family, i've been laying pretty low myself which gives me the time to explore all the bits and pieces of the internet that i am usually too busy writing emails and color toning photos to see.

if you are interested, you too can see what i've been looking at (i recommend viewing everything set to this musician's soundtrack): first go see the pictures of the year at the nytimes~some amazing images in there (one of my favorites is the one of the three tibetan monks) then decompress from all the bloodiness by going here to find out how to make a midwestern cheeseball and learn about a restaurant that demands to be known in portland (is it silly to visit a city just because i want to see these women cooking?). then look at these photographs and cry a bit because you were not alive to be a part of paris in the 1960's. if you want more, see what the ladies at wishstudio are up to--those online creative retreats look pretty inspiring. i esp love hanna's post about her new years ritual. i have done something a bit like that and have decided to do it again in those precious days between xmas and new years, which of course i will post here. a nice way to finish the tour is to peak into the journals of this lady and dream about traveling to somewhere warm next year for the holidays.

many thanks to the ladies at instaboner for the constant supply of hipness and inspiration. happiest days to all of you!!