amma's ashram opening~off to india


i thought it would be appropriate to post a few pictures i took last weeking at the opening for amma's new ashram in potomac, md. it's actually the former house of sargent shriver and eunice kennedy. i felt like my peace corps and spiritual worlds were colliding. and now in a few hours i will leave for india for three weeks. i've wanted to go for so long and now its happening and i can't even figure out how i feel about it~excited and nervous with the feeling like i am about to know a lot more about the world than i do now. i'll have my camera and my journal and some good company to help me process it all.

while i am gone, i want to leave you with a few bits of entertainment.

i just found out that they have an ayahuasca monologues in nyc.
this made me laugh out loud--esp when she professes her love to her space heater.
beautiful music from isreal.
a really interesting interview with liz gilbert about her new book "committed." (this interview made me seriously rethink some of my ideas about marriage)
the new album from vampire weekend is out.
lara shipley's unbelievable pictures of leslie hall in her midwest diva gold stretchy pants that she designed herself.