praise the meltage....


while still remembering the beauty.

the past two days of sunshine and (relative) warmth have been so good for my soul. it's nice to walk outside and not immediately brace myself for a gush of cold air.

it was such a full, happy weekend that included these things: taking restorative yoga (i am subbing the 6:30pm class at quiet mind this friday in columbia heights. come and get your relaxation on), taking a master class with dharma mittra (oh my that man is a bendy old man), making vegan mac 'n cheese for a lunar birthday potluck and stewed figs and greek yogurt for a family dinner at my dad's house (let's praise food too while we're at it--it's good to be eating again), i saw the barack stars with second city at the wooly mammoth with dear friends from missouri (solidly funny), finally tried the food at bread & brew and got to watch some curling in the process, teaching my favorite 3:30pm heated flow class at bloomingdale, saw u.s.'s first victory over canada (how is a country gonna win if they can't talk a little trash?). oh and on thursday i saw laura veirs play at iota. she's so talented and funny and looked like she was about to give birth right up on stage. within it all, i had some great company--i made a few new friends and spent time with warm, comfortable friends and family and just basked in their kindness and generosity and reciprocated with laughter.

today, monday, is cloudy again and feels like good time to do laundry, mail a few presents from india, eat leftovers and say bits of gratitude for the loveliness of my life. oh and i am still going to post more india pics...i think it will just be it unfolds.