all india's children, divine wrestling


here are a few more from india. i love how among the hindus, even the cows get painted with bindis. but the dogs are just as sad as any other third world country i've seen. i've photographed chlidren in many country because they are not afraid of being seen, and the children of india were no exception. as we weaved through the streets in our SUVish car, they flocked to us, eager to have their pictures taken. they way they look into the camera with such pointed curiosity or eagerness, amazes me every time. i wonder where that goes as we grown up.

also, i heard this poem by hafiz at the all soul's valentines day service and i just can't get it out of my head:

I sit in the streets with the homeless

My clothes stained with the wine
From the vineyards the saints tend.

Light has painted all acts
The same color

So I sit around and laugh all day
With my friends.

At night if I feel a divine loneliness
I tear the doors off Love's mansion

And wrestle God onto the floor.

He becomes so pleased with Hafiz
And says,

"Our hearts should do this more."