who knew beck had a music club? i want to join!

Record Club: INXS "New Sensation" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

also check out the black prairie "feast of the hunters moon" album on npr's first listen. really pretty muted, bluegrassy music. i had it on in the kitchen yesterday afternoon after teaching my last of 9 yoga classes this week. i love teaching but demonstrating all day long, biking all over the city and keeping up my own practice can get to be too much for my faithful, abiding body. i've been a little sleep-deprived from the early morning classes and have had some knee pain i have been trying to figure out.

so the music was on and i had the door back open and a warm breeze was coming through the kitchen and out of random ingredients i made inspired tempeh salad sandwiches with a coconut-milk, miso, ginger dressing, chopped carrots, and toasted sesame seeds (sadly i did not photograph them but will repeat this recipe.) then a nap, then restorative yoga and then spa world with friends i haven't seen in a while. after sleep full of dreams, i report my knee is better and actually everything just feels better. slowly i am learning, even that it goes against everything i have been taught--the more relaxation i give myself, the less problems i need to solve.

also, a necessary business expense i am happy to write off.