"it's cake o'clock! all day long"

i was listening to this song while traveling home on the metro last night and had this fantasy about the entire station dropping their bags and dancing and maybe even smiling a little bit. this is not my first of my metro group dance party fantasy. oh yes, one day it will happen.

but until then, we can all have a giggle and check out this sleep talking man. i'm a bit fascinated by him in that even the most normal-seeming of us all has all this crazy stuff running around in our heads. i love how him and his wife have just decided to embrace it and share it with everyone instead of getting weirded out by the meanness and animal fantasies. a few favorites of his:

"Hands up who wants sweets! Hands up! Awwwwww. You've got no hands. Sucks to be you, sweets for me."

"It's cake o'clock! All day long."

"I want to see the piglets. Let me see the piglets. Why can't I see the piglets? Ohhhh, piglets! ...Fuck they stink! I want to go home now. Stinky fucking piglets."