guess who got a new macro lens?


and i love it, love it, love it! i can't wait to start doing some food photography with this baby. all of these photos were taken within a block of my house. it helps me to remember that even though i have construction on my street right now (doesn't it seem like they are doing construction in all of dc at once right now?) that there is a lot of prettiness as well.

i'm just back from mexico, where i was the photography for a big, spirited ethiopian wedding at an all-inclusive in the yucatan. the whole experience so wonderful that i am still absorbing it and don't really have words for it yet except that it made my heart feel wide-open big and taught me again and again about just trusting in the process because it can be so good.

my heart feels bigger somehow.
and more peaceful.
i brought the vacation home, which involves reggae and ethiopian food.
i'm not sure i'll ever let it leave.
except that i leave for peru tomorrow
and that will be a totally different thing.
things come and go and if i can be wide open it all feels good.
life feels like it's moving fast but i'm getting better at going with it.
so i'll say thank you for the movement, the flow, my life.
and take a nap now before the next thing comes.