jimbob productions.

Log Warriors - Making the Soundtrack trailer from Jimmy Nguyen on Vimeo.

jimmy and i used to edit the peace corps newsletter together and then him and his wife, lenah lived in our basement when we all moved back to dc. although he has only been making movies for a little while, i think he is getting really good. he started by doing a documentary on street musicians (during which time he brought two of these musicians to my house during a peace corps party. they were so appreciative of all the peruvian food we had prepared) and has moved into longer films, such as one called the "island dog robber" that was filmed in st. kitts. i love the trailer for his new short mockumentary called "log warriors." i don't want to call it too soon, but i think he is about to blow up on the dc film scene. if you want to see for yourself, "log warriors" is premiering on june 19th in arlington. you can find details of the event here.