pictures of the past weeks.


lovely jenn looking like a forest sprite.

my mom was in town from florida last week. she was a dedicated student in my classes and made sure i made good on my mother's day promise of a thai massage.

oh louie louie, you live in the best house (seriously this house was out of architectural digest).

i've been getting a few horse photography jobs lately and they've been really fun. beautiful animals and a good chance to escape the city for a few hours.

ah, i am leaving for mexico tomorrow night and then peru after that. i have more photo work then i could even imagine (three pet sessions last weekend and i assisted a wedding) and have agreed to sub extra classes in this last week.

i feel like i keep saying the above sentence to everyone that i talk to. how are you? i am busy busy busy. is it any wonder that i am busy when it's all i talk about?

is there a way to find peace within the activeness? can i figure out how to not worry about the work i haven't done yet so i can be more firmly in the moment? or is it just inevitable that there will be times when i feel a little out of control of my schedule?

i was talking in my yoga classes today about being present. it's like everybody knows that you are supposed to be present. so much so that living in the moment feels like just another thing to put on the to-do list. mail photographs. write her back. be present.

so here is what i think about that. i think that awareness follows joy. i think it's really hard to find awareness when we do the same things all the time so that our brains get put on auto-pilot. we need to shock our brains into paying attention with fun, beauty, humor.

here are a few things that have been keeping me fully in the moment...not because i have to be but because i want to be: making my first batch of red zinger sun tea, giving the sweetest thai massage to my friend lisa, taking a photo walk to try out my new 100mm macro lens (i love this pretty. photographs to follow. i can't wait to use this for food photography), teaching pigeon/mermaid tonight in class, a few key goodwill purchases, seeing my yoga kids at their graduation ceremony last night and getting to talk to the room about why yoga helps kids, two pints of haagen dazs (mango and caramel cone) and the first season of arrested development.

hopefully i'll have time to post again before i leave for peru. if not, then i'll be shouting out from the amazon in a few weeks. love!