oh god this picture makes me happy!


this week has been silver nail polish, traveling atlanta and back again to photograph another ethiopian wedding which felt amazing, the really interesting nutrition book "healing traditions" which made me want to make my own kimchi, lots of sleep, sketching CSA radishes for my drawing assignment, party planning for LOVE-O-RAMA and having so much fun with it, seriously looking to buy a car because i it would be so kind to myself to not have to hustle every time i need a ride somewhere, salads with fresh arugula, toasted walnuts and blue cheese, an artist date at target where i looked for things that felt girly and pretty, crying as i finished "ten thousand splendid suns" because it was sad and beautiful, crying as i wrote my morning pages this morning and still not being sure why, starting the week #6 chapter in the artist way on abundance and really feeling it, trusting that i will have time to do everything that needs to be done (even though this design project i am working on right now seems really big), lots of backbends, warms baths, realizing that relationships require a lot of understanding, a great chat with my life coach cj where we talked about how to please yourself so you can relieve everyone else of that responsibility, fresh-baked cookies, faith in the process of all this unfolding, the feeling of having enough, not teaching so much this week and feeling recharged by it, excitement about the holidays, the everyday abundance of buying myself some nice moisturizer in the altanta airport--i did it so fast that i didn't have time to talk myself out of it :)