jule's debut!


here are a few pictures from the family photo shoot i did with lindsey, andrew and jules, their new baby. i will admit here that i am not always crazy about babies. usually when a child is about 1 or 2 and starts to develop a personality then i will get into them but in the beginning they just sleep and cry and gurgle and ah, i could take it or leave it.

but jules is a whole different story. this baby has some serious charisma. each morning when i'd wake up and go upstairs for a cup of coffee (i lifted my no-caffeine ban for this vacation), she'd look up from her little post on the floor and give me a big smile that showed her two newly-acquired front teeth. and then i'd smile and then she'd laugh and then i'd laugh and just like that she won me over. so i just love her which is nice because she is my god-daughter and i will know her for a long time to come.

we took these photos are on our last night in kauai, before getting on a red-eye back to the mainland. we had spent the week together and were all feeling so happy and relaxed and i think that comes across in the photos. it makes me happy to be able to take pictures and capture a moment in time like this.