senseless acts.


i woke up yesterday exhausted. i had only been back my vacation for one week but i had already worn myself down. since coming home, aside from sleeping, i hadn't sat in one spot for less than 30 minutes. everything, everybody had been calling me and i just followed the way i normally did and started getting that overwhelmed feeling that had been creeping around in the weeks prior to leaving town. then i got into my car to teach yoga and found that my car battery had died. it seemed like a pretty clear sign off to me. after teaching, i decided to take the rest of the morning off to rest and recharged my batteries (in all senses). after reading through this superhero's blog last night, i tearfully came back to myself. i am here to enjoy my life and open my heart, to tell the truth and to find as much beauty as i can. so as part of my cleansing period, i am making some changes to have time to make life more playful, to laugh more and to engage in some senseless acts of beauty (such as organizing my shirt drawer in a rainbow). maybe it's because mercury is in retrograde or the mayan calendar accceleration but something new is in the air and i am seizing it and flying as high as i can.