ny ny ny.


i spent a lot of time on the trains.

thai massaging, giving metta.

hello alice!

new york was riding the 2 train from atlantic/pacific to 14th street, communal lunches at integral yoga center on the break of my thai massage training, catching up with peace corps friends, yoga in the park with the amazing chrissy carter, learning about the ayurvedic doshas and how they apply to thai massage, korean bbq with allison and david (my adorable labor day wedding couple who have been together for 13 years), having great talks with my friend amanda in her lucious brooklyn backyard where she has strawberries and a lot of bamboo growing and i don't feel like i am in the city at all, a rainy evening spent trying everything on at anthropologie in soho and getting a few gems, acroyoga in the park with sarita and greg the night before they headed off to wanderlust, the best nyc diner and cupcake experience with dear Susannah and getting to hear about a few of her post-grad dreams, private-room karoke (highlight was simple mind's "don't you (forget about me)" and generally just feeling like a honorary new yorker because i could get myself around the city and even forgot to look up sometimes. it was a great week full of ethnic food and a lot of metta but i was so happy to come back to dc which feels like one big hug of a neighborhood to me.