pictures from may to june.


david, brother, graduates law school.

bloomingdale graffiti.

adam likes: flowers; dislikes: being photographed.

hanging out with julie is like living in a jcrew photo shoot!

the lovely mia at raleigh's new (and very cool) contemporary art museum.

i've been experiementing with combining beans into baked goods to add more protein without fat. the ginger-chickpea bread was awesome; the lemon-basil-white bean, not so much. i'm going to keep working on them.

ahh, so much going on and i want to share it with you all! i'll start with these pictures now and say that much has happened and there is more in store. currently i am excited about celebrating one year with adam (we had a picnic at hillwood mansions and an incredible dinner at palena), a road trip to raleigh with great friends to visit ricki and mia, and the loveliness of walking about dc's farmers markets on the weekends. i hope everyone is feeling summer kissed and full these days.