the incredible orchids at the penn quarter farmer's market (adam got one for his anniversary present)

i appreciate the warm sun and cooler breeze today and that i can write this while sitting on my back porch. i appreciate that my fridge/freezer are working better than ever (they got real sick in the heat of last week) and for the a/c unit that julie gave me (after three summers of no-ac in a dc summer, the june heat wave and julie's generosity have changed everything). i appreciate my relationship with my boo and that it's been a year and it keeps feeling better and better and that i can call him in hard moments and laugh with him in softer ones (we laugh a little in the harder moments too--just a little). i appreciate this photo essay about people who make their own things and live darling little creative lives. i appreciate getting to teach at the two coolest yoga studios in dc (this is my blog so what i get to say what is coolest) and how my students are badasses and how i love what i do and am always finding new opportunities to use it. i appreciate mike and neela, the couple whose little wedding ceremony i photographed this weekend. they were so sweet and laid-back and they organized a new orlean's brass band to walk the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception and the sun was setting in dc and everyone on the streets was so quick to wave and cheer. i appreciate that i get to do a lot of things. i appreciate the idea that joy equals success and that we never get it all done so it's best to just have a good time and see how it comes together. i appreciate in advance my trip to nyc this next week to study more thai massage and ayurveda and see my good people up there. and speaking of traveling, i totally appreciate this opportunity i am getting to co-teach a yoga and thai massage retreat in costa rica this august with my good friend sarita lou. the two of us meant in the youth of unity when we were 15 and have followed parallel yogic paths on different coasts. we are coming together to teach what we love most and we are excited to see the group come together for this trip. if you are interested then let me know...