cupcake heaven.


i was making cupcakes for my friend julie's birthday yesterday and i remembered that i never posted pictures of the triple salted caramel cupcakes that i made for adam's birthday in june. the recipe is process-intensive and so-very-not-lite, but i knew the way to properly celebrated my boo's birthday was to satisfy both his sweet and salty tooth. actually when we were first corresponding over the internet (yes, we are an okcupid success story), we quickly found out we have a love for all things sweet and salty, especially the amazing sweet and salty cookies at teaism. so when we decided to meet on a steamy friday afternoon last june, teaism was naturally the choice. cookies turned to a walk in the park and throwing a boomerang and sushi and adam's homemade pumpkin bread (he's an incredible baker too) and yoga classes and many dates and trips and cookies shared since. we learned quickly in our relationship that something sweet goes a long way to soothe the harder parts of life.

a few things i am excited about right now...

i have a painting and a photograph that are hanging in a show called "artists off rhode island" at the art enables gallery. it's a cool space with weird hours (9-4pm m-f) but if you are going down rhode island then stop in and check it out.

our trip to costa rica is almost full! the elation of each sign up has been great and the full excitement is really setting in.

taking adorable photos of ilan and nancy at walter pierce park this morning and learning so much from the awesome photography stacey veath.

the new thai crossing. i went there last night to celebrate julie's birthday and i was so surprised to find the upstairs open a huge, delicious set menu for $30 a person. and it's still byob.

finally finishing my biggest-guilty-pleasure-of-all-time show and then hearing that mad men is available to watch instantly on netflix.

signing up for the 300-hour yogaworks teacher training at qm this fall. the timing and the people involved could not be better on this.

that's all for now. have a lovely weekend and stay cool!