cincinnati's finest


adam and his very wonderful parents

adam's first skyline cheese coney in a long time. this picture wasn't posed at all.

we only spent an hour on the kentucky side of things but that was enough time to play skeeball and win a set of wind-up chattering teeth.

adam likes to make friends.

the sloth, yet again, was the most relaxed of us all.

i had such a great time in cincinnati which is a good thing because adam had talked it up a lot. his family lives in this gorgeous older home in clifton with stained glass windows and hardwood floors and it was in walking distance to just about everything we wanted to do. adam got to show me all of his favorite parts of his hometown (his high school, the zoo, clifton's skyline chili) and i made us go back again and again to my favorite part. the highlight for me was really when adam's parents took us out to a delicious and perfectly-served dinner at la poste, in the old post office building in clifton. we got dressed up, sipped our cocktails and took the evening to enjoy ourselves in our favorite way--having a great conversation and eating some seriously good food until it got dark outside. just thinking about it makes me want to go back again soon,