jess and brett and a beautiful belly.


aren't jess and brett the most glowingly beautiful pregnant couple? i photographed them while i was in chicago this summer. it was one of those shoots--beautiful couple, scenic location, and the perfect summer evening light. basically it was all a photographer could dream of, but it was more than that. something felt really special about our time together, like the love got super turned up. thinking about it afterward, it felt to me like the life force of this new baby was already shining through. i am so excited for jess and brett and so honored that they had me document the last weeks of their first pregnancy, an uber special time for them. jess is due on the 20th and i can't wait to see their first baby pictures!

things that have been lighting me up this week...

spending the weekend at deep creek lake with adam and his family. he had four nieces and nephews there and it was an awesome opportunity to be silly and play. acroyoga with them was a big hit, as was tubing behind a boat and all-you-can-eat fried chicken and mashed potatoes at this mennonite village down the road.

i made this delicious no-bake chocolate cake from leftover cream and melting down a chocolate easter bunny that was really past it's prime. recycled leftovers at it's best.

this song by riceboy sleeps during savasana.

photographing jay and lisa's tiny wedding at the collingwood museum and library on the potomac. it was the smallest wedding i've ever seen and one of the most heart-felt. check in soon to see pictures...

i've had some really excellent teaching moments this week where i felt this deep relaxation yet ability to hold healing/growing/strengthening space for my students. i also took carolyn blueme's incredible level 3 class at unity woods and got my ass kicked. that 10 minute headstand is so challenging! i made it to 5 minutes and then came down and marveled at the other 40+ year-old students as they held strong til the end. it felt good to be such a student again.

this idea in chicago about revamping muncipal buses to become portable fruit and veggie markets, serving "food deserts" in inner cities

love in the time of cholera by marquez. he's incredible, the story is rich and is sticking with me already.

midday happy hour pedicures at mimosa in dupont circle. i only do it a few times a year so i like the best. they have awesome massage chairs and give you champagne and i leave feeling so pampered.

eating popcorn with my brother and best friend ricki last night, who just moved to dc. it's good to be close to the people i love.