a few beautiful faces from "double the oneness"


i don't think words can do mark and rebecca's wedding justice so i am happy that had the ability to capture a few images. they called it "double the oneness" and it was a lovefest, a masquerade ball, a live music mecca, a salsa throwdown, a performance art piece, a tribute to the ancestors (i loved the ancestral fire they lit during their ceremony), a feast the mouths and eyes and the hearts of the lovers of the universe. i have known mark and rebecca for a long time and we have navigated and celebrated many incredible experiences together but nothing felt quite so complete as their wedding. it was my true honor to be there and i felt my heart grow to a new size in witness of their love and union.

speaking of weddings, i love this piece on the perfect thing to say to the bride and groom that my friend jen sent me.

also, i just heard about this book project to end malaria. one of my favorite authors and speakers, brene brown, is one of the contributors. basically it's a collection of essays from 62 prolific thinkers and teachers talking about how to make your work great. the book cost $25, $20 of which goes to the cause of buying a mosquito net for a family in africa. i just bought my book because it's easy and well-organized and for a great cause, which is how i believe giving should work.