my bonnie

i saw him on sunday night at the birchmere and it was the perfect show. i bought a ticket for myself months ago because since college i've been fascinating by his strange persona and needed to see it live. but then the actual night came--it was the first cold one of fall--and i was exhausted from teacher training and eager to see adam had just gotten back from hawaii. after a sweet reunion dinner with him, i was ready to stay in my sweats all night. luckily his roommate megan had also bought a ticket so we roused each other and left dc a half hour after the show started. we got there just as bonnie went on and managed to find nice seats (i love sit down venues). i ordered a flying dog and settled into listening to bonnie and his band and their amazing melodies and laughed again and again his spastic dancing movements. after the show we made a beeline for the door, drove home through the darkness and i was excited for fall.