learn thai massage this weekend at quiet mind!


getting yummy during a thai training

i love a lot of things in this life and sometimes have a hard time choosing between them. thus, i end up doing a lot! but if i really did have to choose, thai massage would be at the top of my list. on top of being a deep and amazing-feeling massage (kinda like big yoga practice, without any of the effort), the energetic practice of it is so powerful! it's based in the idea that we can give metta--deep friendship love--through our touch and that we receive what we give. after giving a massage, i feel totally open, grateful and full of good vibes.

i've been teaching more and more workshops these days and it's been an amazing experience! people go from knowing nothing about the practice to giving a 40 minute massage within two hours. it's beautiful to witness!

i'm teaching a workshop at quiet mind yoga this sunday from 1:30-3:30pm. there are open slots still left so i'd love for you to join in and experience thai for yourself. let me know at gracy.obuchowicz@gmail.com if you have any questions and you can sign up here for the workshop.