simple not easy


nana turns 90!

i have ten minutes until i need to step out into a rainy afternoon and take a yoga class and then assist another. it's not enough time to really say anything except hello and that i miss writing! or maybe there is. i can tell you that good things are in the air and that it was super sweet to celebrate my nana's 90th birthday party with a big pink cake and lots of speeches a couple of weekends ago. also, that it's fun to dance to live reggae on a tuesday night at patty boom boom's and that it's hard, good work to keep your heart open to the people you love. oh and i can recommend this new years post from chrissy carter and the idea that just because something is simple and intellectually understood does not make it easy to do. i keep telling myself that about my yoga practice and the more i say it, the more it radiates out to the rest of my life. just because i know i should love with my whole dang heart and live out my dreams to their fullest and never waste time getting angry does not mean that it's my instinct to do it. that's what i love about writing here. it's a chance for me--as many times as i do forget-- to remember. even if it's only for ten sweet minutes.