mariana, vince and their extremely fun crew of loved ones

happy friday! the weather is lovely outside.  it's one of those days that i want to savor to the max before things get too hot in dc.  but alas, i am inside finishing up bits of work from my week (such as the photographs of mariana and vince's wedding. i love this one i posted!)

ah, it feels like so much! adam and i are apartment hunting (let me know if you hear about anything awesome in between bloomingdale and mt. pleasant), i'm teaching and photographing up a storm, getting ready for two awesome yoga retreats and i'm still getting my systems back in place after the robbery.  whew! it's so much right? yet i know i am not alone in that dang pesky feeling that somehow it's not enough.  i always want to be doing more than i am currently doing.

this morning i had to miss my favorite friday yoga class to see an apartment.  i had an hour and a half before i had to leave my house yet instead of laying out my yoga mat right away for a home practice, i kept clicking away at my keyboard.  then i started that brain talk about how if i can't do a full practice than it's not worth it and how i didn't even feel like doing yoga anyway.

i finally snapped myself out of it, rolled out my green mat that is coming apart at the edges and set my timer for 30 minutes.  it started really slow with lots of down dog and a few funny attempts at a handstand, but soon i picked up some steam and got into it.  i figured out a few fun new twisty transitions and even got in a 3 minute savasana.  it definitely wasn't the best yoga practice of my life but it was something special, especially because i broke through the procrastination and just did it.

then when i couldn't get myself to post something here, i remembered that a few words on the page is just fine.  fancy, amazing, well-planned is great but a lot of the time i just have to be where i am and hope that offering is enough.  what inspires me is that in my accepting it for myself that i'm doing enough you guys will get even more jazzed to let yourself be ok with what you can do today.  because you all are amazing and i don't judge you even a little on what you can do/can't do in a 24 hour period.  when you want to take a break and drink lemonade on your porch, i say "hell yeah, you deserve it sweets!" if you don't believe me, ask a calming manatee.  they never lie.