bermuda shots


as i promised a while back, here are a few photographs of bermuda. as you can see, i had so much fun there with my hipstamatic app!  i may be getting just a little tired of everything looking old and weathered but it does produce some nice surprises and it really fits the timeless quality of the island.

i'm posting these photographs because i had a wonderful time in bermuda (thanks dean) and thought every part of it was photo worthy.  i'm also posting them because some recent events in my life have made me remember that i need to take time to honor my work.

last week, our house was broken into and lot of my most important objects were stolen, as were my roommate's precious things.  for me, it included my bicycle, my computer, all of camera equipment (except my iphone), and my external hard drive, which had about a years worth of work on it.  when i walked in and saw that everything was gone, i was shocked yet felt this lightness about it.  it's just stuff, right?

well i am learning that my stuff is tied to a lot of other things.  it's brought up feelings of safety.  having my home broken into and drawers looked through feels so violating in a space where i have felt nothing but safe.  it's also made me look at my responsibility to myself, my work and my clients.  the sad answer to the question that everyone keeps asking is no, i did not have any kind of insurance or backup system.  despite thinking about it many times, i never set up any of those safe guards. i have all that stuff in place now and i urge you to also do that if you haven't because shit happens.

it's also brought up anger at the people who did this to us specifically and also at the system we live in that allows certain people to be much more advantaged than others.  it's a system i benefit from on a daily basis and i'm not quite sure how much responsibility i can/should take in the unfairness of the status quo that runs our city, country, world. 

it's such an up and down process. i feel myself hardening and really afraid in some moments and in others, swimming in a heart that has gotten even bigger and more compassionate.  i am lucky that i had money saved up so that i could buy myself the things i need to survive.  i have skills that desirable and a belief that i will recover.  i also have clients who were beyond understanding about what happened.  i have friends and family who have reached out to offer incredible support.

just before this happened, i wrote an article for GOOD on how to take the reigns of your karma by looking at the patterns in your life and taking responsibility for them.  i felt like i had gotten fairly good at doing that for the people around me, but this situation feels more random and unfair.  i want to chalk it all up to back luck, but do i get to pick and choose like that?

i have clean answers right now, just a feeling of ickness and the vague sensation of something big opening up.  i'm hoping clarity will come with them. for now, what is keeping me afloat is just letting myself feel however i feel in the moment (which changes about 20 times a day), teaching yoga, reading the hunger games triology (i really dug the first two books.  i'm also done with the third and honestly haven't been loving it but i'm hoping for a great ending to it all), and this song specifically.  it's a reminder to me that they can get a lot of things from me, but they can't take the diamonds of the soles of my shoes.