Thanks Andrea

I found this lovely story corps interview on Andrea Scher's superhero life blog. Isn't this mother/son honesty so refreshing? It's fitting that I found that through Andrea, because it's why I admire her writing so much. I don't remember exactly how I've found her blog, but I do know that I've read it for over 10 years and learned a lot about myself in the process. She writes about important stuff-- creativity, vulnerability, and connection--and shares on topics that most people shy away from like anti-depressants and infertility. From her, I learned that it's more than okay to be a little messy and human when I write here because we all go through the same hard parts in life, just as we all share in it's beauty. So thanks Andrea! Also, check out her great interview with the ever-amazing artist Danny Gregory, who is another great teacher about being creative no matter what.