Fuel For My Journey

I haven't finished editing my travel photographs yet (okay, I haven't even started), so I thought I would share these three songs which became my travel anthems during my month in Thailand/Bali. I listened to them when I was pulling away from my house in the super shuttle, equal parts excited to be going and sad to be leaving. I listened to them during my 13 hour layover in Frankfurt, when after an unexciting peak at the city I got stuck on waiting on an outdoor train platform during a heat wave because I fell asleep and missed the airport station. I listened to them when I first put my bags down in my little Chiang Mai hotel room with the bad carpet and realized it was up to me to get the most out of my time alone in an exotic country. They took me over the Indian ocean when I saw Bali's radiant coast for the first time from above. They shook me out of a mid-week funk during the yoga retreat so much so that I played them for the group and made them dance with me so we feel free together. Finally they brought me back the long way home and now urge me on as I think about how to write about my trip. In my long list of travel gratitude, I wish to thank music. I may travel but she is really what carries me.

So listen up and stay tuned for photographs and further reflections on a dream trip. I'll get to them in between cuddling my housemates (Adam and Poncho), figuring out what to do with our awesome tomato crop and just soaking up the beauty of home.