hi everyone!  i'm about to embark on my last weekend of four consecutive weekend trips in september. the first weekend i spent with a great spiritual teacher in charlottesville, va.  the second weekend took me to the outer banks with my dearest friends from growing up. last weekend, adam and i went to the most magical mountaintop wedding in aspen, colorado.  now today i head to charles town, wv to lead a yoga retreat with the amazing yael flusberg.  we have a full retreat and beautiful weather forecasted and i am so excited!  each of these trips has satisfied an important part of me and once again, all i can say is a deep thank you for the velocity of dreams coming true.

i'd love to write more about humility and lessons learned (and there has been a lot of that too of late) but i need to pack and take poncho for a long walk and do my own yoga practice before getting on the road.  so instead i'll leave you with this wisdom about why we are obsessed with our phones from the very honest louis c.k. to help us remember that truth can be found in the funniest of places. 

(in case the video doesn't load, here is the link: http://teamcoco.com/video/louis-ck-springsteen-cell-phone)