I'm Rrrrrrrrich

I'm Rrrrrrrrich
wildly wealthy on the billy goat trail this weekend
one of my favorite prosperity practices comes from the awesome coach and writer anna kunnecke.  it's called "i'm rrrrrrich!" and all you do is list all the little every day things that make you feel fabulous and wealthy, yet are easy to overlook when that little voice in your head tells you you need more.  i use it when i want to buy way more than i can afford or i have a weird feeling in my stomach after checking my bank account balance.  it's so easy, lets do it together.
today i am rrrrrich because...
...i had the time to chat with my girlfriend julia about her recent trip to india while scratching poncho's sweet, furry belly on my comfy bed
...driving downtown to teach, i found an amazing parking spot and used my smart phone to pay for a two-hour session.  and i have a car and a smart phone! whoa i'm so rrrrrich.
...while avoiding the cold rain by drinking chai at teaism, i was gifted a salty-sweet cookie from one of the sweet people who serves me there several times a week with great energy.  this makes my heart feel very big.
...i taught someone his very first yoga class today and helped someone else understand an arm balance that had been troubling them.  they both looked proud and strong afterward. there aren't words for this amazing wealth.
...right now the sun is setting and i am writing this on a borrowed computer (mine is in shop right now) and listening to new music (check out rhye for some great soft jams) and smelling the garlic i'm roasting in the oven and planning my 8pm flow class at yoga district.  nice people come to take this class and the room gets filled up with a unified goodness and i get to bathe in it for a while.
...i was taught to read and to enjoy it and i do so much when i read beautiful poems like the one below
And the waves gush pearls from their snowy throats as they come leaping over the moss-green, black-green, glass-green roughage — as they crumble on the incline scattering whatever they carry in their invisible and motherly hands: stones, seaweed, mussels icy and plump with waled shells, waiting for the gatherers who come flying on their long white wings— who comes walking, who comes muttering: thank you, old dainties, dark wreckage, coins of the sea in my pockets and plenty for the gulls and the wind still pounding and the sea still streaming in like a mother wild with gifts— in this world I am as rich as I need to be.
--Mary Oliver