Yes, and...

Yes, and...

This is a photograph of the cherry tree that lives beside my apartment. It's always great to be at eye-level with a big lovely tree but once a year, it's amazing. For a couple of weeks in the spring, she explodes into cotton-candy blossoms and is just unabashedly beautiful. This year the blossoms were delayed due to some late frost but when they finally came around, it was more stunning than I remembered. I spent as much time on my balcony as possible and opened my curtains wide each morning so i could worship her during my yoga practice. It felt like living with a goddess.

Then it rained and rained for a couple of days and the blossoms washed away. I felt like a little kid whose birthday passes and the next day realizes the length of a year. It's been a rough winter for us in D.C., and it seemed unfair that our peak passed so quickly. But a few days later, I noticed pink buds popping out on other trees that were just as beautiful as the cherries. But that didn't last either. One morning this week, I went for a rainy jog around the catholic university and saw the lawns were blanketed with pink petals. It made everything quiet and holy. Yesterday at the arboretum, the azaleas were in bloom. One fuchsia one pulled me in so strongly with her color that I stood in awe and silence with her beauty. She taught me things in that moment.

Flowers are beautiful and they are not forever. They are beautiful because they will not last forever and I know this and it makes me pay attention. It makes me love them even more.

I'm feeling the realities of change in almost every area of my life. Since embarking on an amazing Ayurveda course in September, I've made big changes to my diet and lifestyle and lost 25 lbs. I'm slowly getting use to a new body shape, buying new pants that fit and finding my way into formally elusive yoga poses. In it, I've also met a mentor who is showing me step-by-step how to build a really smart business for myself as a healing professional. It's deep work that is exposing my professional desire and how much I hold myself back. Last year, I was living with a partner and pretty content with my career, and now I'm a single dog-mom and realizing I have a lot of dreams for what I want to do in this world.

They're beautiful, these changes. I'm so grateful to evolve and sometimes it's way too much for me. I came home today after a lovely morning around my neighborhood and was flooded with so many emotions at once. I did what I always do in those situations and dug for my notebook. Since starting the Ayurveda course, I skip my morning pages and meditate instead. But I've been craving them lately--usually in the afternoon with a cup of tea--and they never disappoint.

After throwing every emotion that I could on to the page, I wrote my way into some clarity. The message that came through was that I am on the right path. But being on the right path does not mean it will be easy. The right path has brambles and the right path is decidedly unsexy at times. The right path throws everything it's got in your face and watches intently to see what you'll do. The right path has no guarantees except that it's the right path. Walking it is hard, kinda lonely and gives me an amazing sense of peace--because I know it's the right path.

Change is hard but it's so necessary to evolution. The people I admire most are ones who are always looking to build something new and become something bigger. To me, it's not so much about outcomes, but more the thrill of life moving through me into action. I want this action. I want to feel there has been a path from point A to B and that I could teach others how to walk it more smoothly. I want it all to be continually beautiful and when I can bear to keep on walking straight ahead, it really really is.