Self Care 101-- Fall Group Coaching Program

Asking for Ourselves I wrote most of a blog post yesterday.  It was a great big post about the deepest layers of life that I've been digging around and through.  It's rich stuff in my opinion and as much as I really want to share these thoughts, my gut told me that they need to marinate a bit longer.  Perhaps a bit more life experience needs to rise up to give it all more color and clarity.   Whatever it is, I'm grateful to hear my inner voice on this one and to table it until it feels ready.  More on that one soon I hope.

Then the question became--so what do I write about this week?  That answer came quickly and it made me feel nervous.

See, it's time for a bit of self promotion and a touch of asking.   My patterning tells me that it's not good to do either of these things.  I love sharing these weekly missives and am so honored that so many of you guys read and resonate.  Creating a space to share inspiration and real connection feels like the work I've been put here to do.  Technology gives me easy ways to do it and having a weekly practice around it means that it really happens.  I dreamed of having a weekly newsletter for years and it's so darn cool to see that come to fruition.

There is a part of me that wants to leave it at free weekly content and hope that everyone naturally finds out about the other paid coaching work that I do and love.  I don't want anyone to feel pressured or sold or any other kind of pestering.  Then I remember that if you all aren't informed and reminded about this work then you won't be able to consider it when you may need it.  If you can't even consider it then you won't be given the chance to say "yes, I think I need that right now"  and from there potentially have your life shift in important and lasting ways.

My aversion to self promotion is about my own ego and wanting to stay safe and small.  My mustering courage and pushing through that ego response to offer my coaching out publicly is about the work itself.

So with that said, I'd like to make you all an offer to go deeper into your own self care.  Here goes...

A few times of year I take a group of 20 people through a 10 week habit change process called Self Care 101.   In this very supportive, mostly-online environment we combine Ayurvedic and yogic wisdom with actual habit change science.  We work on one habit a week, ranging from creating a morning routine to grounding a meditation practice to curbing emotional eating.

We work slowly and creatively to build a solid daily, weekly and seasonal routine that we practice for the rest of our lives.  Together, we offer accountability and support to look at why we don't do what we should do.  We get to the roots of where we feel stuck and reprogram that shitty voice in our heads so we can move forward no matter what.  We talk it out on weekly conference calls, share the good stuff on a closed Facebook forum and bring it all together on a weekend retreat at the end of the 10 weeks.  It's fun, deep and really effective process.

Right now I'm finishing up leading the third session of this class and have seen results that exceeded my expectations.  One woman lost 15 lbs, restarted her PHD, and recovered from extreme compassion fatigue.  Another woman said it was more effective than counseling for helping her marriage and decided she was finally ready to have a baby.   More than a few women have moved from anxiety that kept them feeling trapped into genuine trust in their abilities and life itself.  People's faces get brighter, their smiles more genuine.  Joy, awareness, and self-forgiveness are words that come up often.

As I began seriously changing my habits and living the principles of Ayurveda, I experience many of these things too.  I got a handle on my anxiety, lost weight, found a much deeper purpose in my work.   I began feeling like myself in a way that I never did before despite years of yoga practice.  I can say with honesty that I am really in love with my life, warts and all.

Guiding these groups brings me so much joy and I couldn't do it without every bit of my life experience, especially the tough stuff.  Back when I felt cloudy and anxious, all I wanted was a pathway to something that felt better.  Looking back, I see that I had to be stuck so I could figure out how to get unstuck.  I kept desiring more and from that place experimented with so many tools and modalities.  I found the ones that worked and used them to climb higher into my real life.  Now I know the path and can share it out with my clients so they can do it in less time, with more joy.  It makes everything that happened in my life feel so deeply needed and important.  I love that and think we can all claim our life stories in these ways when we commit to our own healing and transformation.

So now the asking part.  Would you like to join my fall group?  It starts in earliest September.  I'm about halfway full right now and am excited to meet the 10 souls who will round out our crew.

I am looking for people who thrive in groups, are fully ready to change and want to deepen their relationships with themselves.  Could that be you?  If so then please fill out this application, schedule a free 30 minute chat with me and we can see if it would be a good fit for both of us.  Of course there is no obligation to sign up if we talk--sometimes it just plants some important seeds for the future.

If it's not right for you then I'm guessing you know someone who needs a clear pathway to greater self care.  Please pass this along to that person and I'll give you a fun referral gift if they sign up.  Woo-hoo!

Phew that wasn't so bad!  Thank you for being such kind-heart readers.  Also maybe this asking stuff is a good lesson for you too.  I find that once I put my true needs out there--squashing that silly ego response--it actually helps the people I'm asking to feel more connected and engaged.  I love being helpful and I realize I'm denying others the same helpful feeling when I keep it all inside.  We need each other so much more than we even know.

With that, I'll take us out on a few testimonials from past Self Care 101 participants.  Have a lovely rest of your Wednesday, mwah!

”This course is the most transformational experience I have had in my adult life. It is giving me the tools and self confidence to change my life and my habits. I am so very grateful for this opportunity because nothing else I have tried has worked like this. The combination of a support system of wonderful & amazing women, the Ayurvedic habits introduced in such a manageable step­by­step way, and Gracy's fierce and bold leadership is a powerful force for change.” ­­ --Sarah P.

“It feels like each small change I have made so far throughout this course to have a much larger positive influence on my life than I originally thought it would. I think this integrated, step­-by-­step approach to habit development has been helpful in finding my own commitment to self­ care. Gracy's gentle leadership throughout this process has been so critical, but has also given me total control and accountability. For the first time in a long time, I feel positive about my future self and my ability to continue making small changes towards better self care, instead of feeling frustrated, anxious, and like I need to "get my act together." ­­ --Melissa M.

“I am ever grateful for this course! I will carry the wealth of knowledge it has brought me, and the experience and new confident feeling it has given me forever. It has equipped me so deeply for whatever may come my way. It has allowed me to open the doors to myself and cradle myself in ways I didn't know I could. I feel more grounded, connected, and ready with such an open and eager heart to keep discovering more each day. It has given me the tools that allow for a lasting and true connection with nature and the deep world inside and outside myself through Ayurveda. Can't really put it in words that do it justice... it has brought the peace I have been looking for for a long time.” ­­ --Maria H.

“This course and Gracy's inspirational coaching have completely changed my relationship with food and the ways that I care for my body, mind and spirit. I now embrace food as a source of pleasure and nourishment and have shed the stress and shame that I used to carry around. My eyes, ears and heart have been opened to a well of strength and self­ compassion that I didn't realize I had.” --Alice E.


“When I began, I thought that I'd learn some things about a way to eat differently. I'm definitely doing that, but this course has been much more. With the inspiration of the readings, the coursework, and Gracy's beautiful insight, I'm starting to unlock this voice inside of me that's motivating me to do my self­care from a much deeper, more profound place.” -- Arielle M.