June 4  

‪#‎tbt‬ to hanging with the beautiful ladies for our Georgetown/hiking/Lush tour day last weekend. There is a concept in Ayurveda called ojas. It means immunity, connectivity, resilience. We get it when our nervous system is strong and we feel safe. If we have good ojas we glow from the inside out and life begins to feel easier. We feel ojas when we realize we are held by the web of life. The work of @brenebrown has taught me that the way to cultivate true ojas is to be vulnerable, share my story, ask for help when needed. Believe it or not this is hard for me! My instinct is to stay safe and go it alone. Teaching my self care groups helps me as much as it helps my clients. These brave ladies remind me daily that it's so much more fun when you ask for support, that we can be in process, that we are worth working on (thank you @saritalou for that little nugget--we are all so WORTH working on!)