June 5 I'm feeling a RAMPAGE OF APPRECIATION this morning. Here goes: I'm so completely grateful to be leading a retreat this weekend in West Virginia with 21 beautiful ladies from my programs. I'm grateful to be heading to Jackson Hole WY right after my retreat for a retreat with my incredible mentor Cate. I'm grateful for a rainy cup of tea yesterday with my very talented dear friend @laship. Im grateful for my cleaning house process and how much easier it is to get ready for a trip. I'm grateful for sweet Poncho curled up in his bed and this warm water I'm drinking that's flushing my body clean and that my mom @yoganidra1 is in town for the retreat and that I am not perfect (thank you God) but instead full of cracks and holes that let me learn again new and breath deep sighs of relief each day because I'm still here, it's still going, yessss.... What do you appreciate? What brings you relief?