June 9This is my teacher/coach Cate in her amazing greenhouse in her incredible home in the Teton Valley. As you might be able to tell from this photo, Cate is a force in this world! Before I met Cate, I was teaching a lot of yoga and doing a lot of photography and kinda stuck but not really sure of the next step. Cate's lifestyle (she spends half the year in Mexico!) and the power of her teaching showed me a whole new way. So I took a risk and signed up to become a health coach with her. It's taken a lot of time, money, energy to build this new career around self care and deep transformation. It feels so incredibly authentic and as a result, it's really really working to heal and help. I definitely feel my dad's spirit in it all. I'm so grateful to have Cate's inspiration and leadership to follow (we had a marathon 9 hour day yesterday--big stuff ahead!!). We can't do this change stuff alone! So who is inspiring you these days? What risk can you take that might just change everything?