IMG_2850 A couple of years I read on a female business lady's blog that she was part of a mastermind group. I didn't quite know what that was but I wanted in! Now I'm part of a mastermind crew of six really powerful coaches. It's amazing how much more we can get done together. Im realizing that so much of success is finding the people who can see your power more clearly than you and are willing to hold you as you do the tough work of letting go. Letting go of what? My stories about how much I am allowed to do, have, be. To let them go I have to say them out loud, be vulnerable and allow myself to be guided. So scary, so liberating! I can't do this alone and I'm so grateful for this group. Do you have people like this in your life? Wherever you are today, please know I'm holding some space for you to let go, face those growing pains and surprise yourself with all the good stuff hiding behind the stories. The world needs it, you need it, you're supported, let's go!