June 15Can we talk about this view one more time please? I was all tears on the way to the airport this morning--watching the sunrise mist over the range and listening to the incredible community radio station here. This life, it's so much sometimes! I think I've gone through the full range of human emotions while I've been here. It's the most empowering thing ever to not shy away from any of them. These mountains remind me of the hugeness of my spirit and of our collective spirit. Cultivating this bigness brings up EVERYTHING! It's hard. I want to hide a lot or believe I don't deserve something or think I have to make someone else comfortable before I can shine brighter. You all can tell how untrue those thoughts are, right? But you tell them to yourself too, right? Let's work on this together. I give you permission to shine and I'm going to take refuge in the permission you give me. We are precious, we are innocent and we need each other to remember that. Shine on!