The Truth About Life and Changing Perceptions

June 16 This life this life this life. It's so good and so challenging at the same time. I've been having a week of changing perceptions. I've learned that once I see something I can't unsee it and often a more comfortable way of life walks out the door with the old perception. What's left is new space that is shaky, full of equal parts grief and potential. This isn't about 10 easy steps (although those can be nice padding for the journey). The path of real change means really changing. I'm not sure there is a way around this being uncomfortable. What we can do is vow to make the process more conscious. We can put our faces in our hands and we can doubt every decision we've made. Yet even from the shakiness we can keep walking on. Because I've learned that either we move forward or we get stuck. Either we change or everything gets funky inside. Either we learn to trust ourselves--in all our imperfect glory--or we miss our real lives. There is so much compassion along the way but I'm starting to really know that compassion has a fierceness when it comes to the truth. It's like the light shining on so consistently bright in the distance, beckoning you to take just one more step toward it today.