All We Need Is Love

June 30 Hey I love this dog. Hey I love my life. After experiencing some intense vulnerability as part of my spiritual practice this weekend, I'm feeling better than ever. Wrestling with that sh*tty voice in my head is always a good thing. It gives compassion a chance to flex her muscles and establish the ruling law of my mind as one of internal kindness.

Of course I know this is true but I forget when I don't give myself time for contemplation/self study. This is why it's so important to carve out time for practice. Our egos are so tricky. They thrive on a chaotic environment, sleep deprivation, skipping meals, etc because that's when our guard is down. Then they pounce! The ego loves to go for the jugular--observe this in yourself! I speak universally because the ego is the same in all of us.

Your problems are not your problems. We share a common affliction. We all need the same thing to heal (LOVE). This comforts me so much because if you can heal then I can heal and we can all help keep each other focused on the light, the light, the LIGHT!