How Do You Handle Your Shadow?

June 22Monday! This DC humidity + heat is draining me but I love all the lush nature growth too. We can't separate these things. I've been reflecting a lot on the concept of the shadow side over this light-filled solstice weekend. During a meditation presentation I gave on Friday, an older Ghanian man told me one of the words for "life" also meant "shadow." We can run and run and our shadow will stick to us. Try as I might, I can't get away from my faults. I will never be as present or as loving or as devoted as my ego tells me I should be. I may forever eat more cookies than is "acceptable." So what do I do? Well I can keep a close watch on my shadow to make sure it doesn't get into the drivers seat. I can learn to differentiate between the different voices in my head, hearing the sh*tty one out but then acting from the wise one. I can let myself be in process and realize that my shadow is actually an incredible source of fuel. When watched and contained, it pushes me in the direction of the light of myself and the world. Does all that make sense? How do you handle your shadow?