How Have You Accepted Yourself Lately?

June 23Look at this summertime bounty! Little by little I'm making a lot of my own food, thanks to fermentation (yay sourdough starter) and a garden plot (yay wangari gardens) and useful little tools like a counter top sprouter. It's my sweet, strange life! I had an excellent tarot reading from my friend Michelle this weekend. The hermit card came up AGAIN which is all about retreat, inward journeying to gain spiritual knowledge. At the moment I was kind of hoping the awesome new boyfriend card would come up and got a little sad. Hadn't I done enough inward work? The next day though something clicked andHow have you accepted yourself lately? I really got it--I'm amazingly in love with my own life. A partner may or may not be in the picture but I am very cool to be the hermit fermentation lady these days. I'm actually so excited this is my reality and feel such gratitude. Nothing has changed except my own self acceptance which is really the most powerful thing of them all.

Where could you celebrate your current situation more?