How You Can Thrive Without Feeling Lucky

IMG_2845 I'm writing this missive from the gorgeous Teton Valley, where I am meeting with my yoga health coaching mastermind group.  If you've been following my daily posts, you know that I'm traveling on a cloud of good energies these days.  I'm busier than ever and also more relaxed.

Wait, how does that happen?  I've been wondering about it myself.  Anxiety has always fueled my best work and now that anxiety is falling away.  In it's place I feel present, available and inspired. What gives?

The answer came when I was talking to my dear friend Marc this morning.  He told me he felt lucky to teach and heal and travel and that this work also brings him prosperity.

Lucky. That word has never set right with me.  Being lucky feels too simplistic for the power of good work that is rewarded.  It's also really debilitating if you don't believe you are lucky.

So what is it?  I  don't think it's just hard work either.   Sure, you have to work hard to get where you want to go, but a lot of people work very hard and don't enjoy or get compensated fairly for their work.

Marc and I decided that aligned is the only word that makes sense.  Alignment takes you everywhere you want to go and also to the places beyond your big dreams.  It's good stuff and in high demand in this world.

So what does alignment mean?  I think it means taking good care of yourself.

Physically it means nourishing your body with daily practices that give you energy. It means eating nourishing good, consciously breathing each day, and getting good sleep most nights.

Emotionally it means tending to your own garden.  It means feeling your feelings, speaking your truth and finding a community where you are supported in being your best self.  It means taking risks and asking for help and most importantly, being kind to yourself.

Spiritually it means trusting in the flow of things.  It means relaxing into that flow from time to time.  It means believing in your value even when you feel cranky and creaky and like you are always falling short.  It means believing in the goodness of other people while setting boundaries if hanging out with them makes you feel bad often.

Alignment is real self care, the kind that you have to practice on a daily basis.  You can tell when you are in alignment by how smoothly your life is running.  It's measured in how much goodness gets reflected back to you on a daily basis.

If you're not in alignment, it's also totally ok.  I lose my balance all the time.  But I work on getting back into alignment as soon as I notice I've slipped.

I'm curious how you come back into alignment?  Yoga class?  Calling your best friend?  Shutting the door and crying?  Reading that book that gives you the inexplicable spark of hope?

Think about it.  Write it down.  Make a realignment plan of your most basic self care needs.  Speak it out loud to a friend.

Then practice that plan until it feels like the most natural thing to do after a crappy day. Practice it when you start to use words like "unlucky" or "lazy".  Practice it when you start to think others have something that you don't.

You have it all, every beautiful thing that you need to shine. You will forget that often. That's hard.  But you can remember your wholeness as many times as you forget and the remembering brings a different kind of magic.

In the valley of this awe-inspiring mountain chains, the power of remembering feels like the most natural thing of all.  It's so much more consistent and kind than believing in every-changing winds of fate.  It takes practice but that practice is completely worth the effort.  You are completely worth the effort.

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