Raw Carrot Cake With Cardamom Frosting

June 25#tbt to sharing this delicious raw carrot cake with cardamom frosting with the delightful @marcholzman at the delicious Lotus Cafe in Jackson, WY. Marc was the guest speaker for my Beautiful Life Collective coaching group the other night. We spoke about Prana--the vital life force energy that runs through everything. Marc is a brilliant teacher and he really helped our group understand how most of our health problems in this culture arise because we aren't allowing our Prana to drop down into our bodies. We are trying to live our whole lives in our heads! The result is an anxious mind and a stuck, stiff body. The solution is to relax, let go and practice being present. We might know this on some level but it's such a gift to be reminded, as Marc did for us.

How can you practice relaxing and really living in your body today?